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Maudi 'Algazelus' Maadil

Maudi Maadil is also known as Algazelus in all his social media accounts and is also how some of his friends call him. Mr. Maudi Maadil’s professional experience revolves around the research on social sciences focusing on Islamic Studies; activism on human rights and peace; and community organizing. He is currently taking up a Master of Arts in Islamic Studies in the Institute of Islamic Studies of the University of the Philippines. His activism work on human rights and peace were done as part of government and non-government organization. He has helped in developing petitions and submitted them to policymakers to ensure that the voices of the youth, women, community leaders, and religious leaders are heard and considered in strengthening policies and as such, they are able to participate and engage with government leaders. Through various organizations, he has work in conflict-affected areas of Mindanao. He worked as a humanitarian and a community development worker and implemented community and livelihood projects for internally displaced persons.

Currently, Mr. Maadi is working as a volunteer Deputy Executive Director of a youth organization based in Mindanao called the Mindanao Industry Coordinators Network and is the founder of The Free Minds.