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Alessio Ganci

I am born in 1996. I am an active Level 10 Local Guide on Google Maps and am part of the Google Product Experts program. I have an experience as a bug hunter and have reported security vulnerabilities to Google and Apple.

I like Italian vintage TV and music, plus, I like Chinese food and culture, with China being one of my favorite travel trips. I write articles about technology, music, Italian TV, and more. I like to make the world discover the beauty of Italian culture of some decades ago through its TV and music, plus, I like to show all the beauties of China and Chinese culture.

I am proud to have a strong tie with my family in a period in which people find it normal to block their parents on social media, consider the highest aspiration of life to achieve independence from parents (becoming dependent on a mortgage) rather than starting a new business, or see their parents as a burden when they become elderly.