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Anna Karpinski

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my supporters here on HubPages. When I started writing for HubPages I didn't expect much: I'm only a college student (and when I started, I was barely a freshman).

Please take a look at my portfolio here!

Hey guys! I don't really know how to write these, so it'll be constantly changing. Here's a run-of-the-mill formatted list for now, though.

Name: Anna

Age: 21

Current Location: Minneapolis, MN

Before Consciousness: Well not BEFORE consciousness..but I do enjoy that title. Nonetheless, I was adopted from Fuyang China at the age of two by my current parents. I don't know anything about my biological family. Sometimes I wish I did, but sometimes it's just fun to fantasize.

Nine Multiple Intelligences: So my grade school was apparently a big deal. Our headmaster read a Yale publication on the Nine Multiple Intelligences, which is a revolutionary way of teaching by encompassing nine aspects of people. It's kind of a cool idea that I went to school was just school to me.

Drug Addicts, and Then Prep School: Okay. I never went to a drug school. But there was another school near ours in the city with the same name, and so whenever students would say they went to my high school, everyone would assume they meant the rehabilitation center. So our school added "College preparatory school" and it got more rigorous. But it was great.

It'll So Be Worth It: I'm currently a junior at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. My declared major is Graphic Design with a minor in Art History, but I love writing and it's an important part of graphics anyway. I really love graphic design and it's something that I can't imagine not doing for my life's career.

In Conclusion: Oh I don't know. I enjoy writing a lot and even though I'd prefer to work digitally, I enjoy drawing from time to time. Not enough to be an illustrator, though. I hope to be able to integrate all of these elements into a unique style somewhere down the road.