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The images of verses used in my articles, unless otherwise states, are courtesy of Bible Hub/Bible Pic.

A scripture based blog site. Here is what you should know:

1. Some of these articles are controversial. Not only do I get into heavy topics surrounding the scriptures, but I also touch upon the different denominations, Abrahamic religions, and movements them. This incluides Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Hebrew Israelites, etc.

2. I avoid arguments related to the real names of the Father and Son because I am still learning this, but I use the traditional names in my articles to reach out to others. One day I will do an article showing their real names.

3. I will accept any arguments so long as:

A) You have read the entirety of the article and the links within it.

B) You use it based on a scriptural and/or any other fact-based foundation.

C) You do not resort to unneeded insults, excessive rude language, or anything similar towards me or another individual.

4. The sources I use do not reflect my views 100%. The only thing I affirm that I agree with is the content I provide from it.

5. Although there are some nonscriptural articles, this will be a primarily scripture based profile. I may do some more of those in the future. I am still accepting comments on them.


Peace and blessings and all praises to the Most High.