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A B Williams

I have a passion for politics and have, ever since I was a little girl experiencing the excitement that the Goldwater-Johnson Presidential Race brought to my town.

I enjoy writing about and discussing all things happening in Politics. They are a part of our lives, whether we like it or not!

Politics, headlines of the day, current events, all go hand in hand and from my home State of South Carolina to my current State of Florida, from California to New York, we are all in this together...

Since we are all in this together, we need to always be discussing and working together to find ways to make this amazing Country even better.

In other words, I disagree that the subject of politics should be off limits.

In general, I love to write, whether the subject is politics, patriotism (another favorite subject of mine) or any other subject which interests me.

Ocassionally I'll write about a subject which has recently piqued my interest; I never know myself, what that might be.

Not trying to get rich, however, I do not have an aversion to it!

Running a small business with my husband, doing my absolute best to see that it succeeds...more determined than ever, after numerous setbacks.

Setback, never stopped, we happily persevere in the greatest Country that God gave man...and woman! ;)